OUR VISION FOR THE FUTURE… We aim to adapt to new developments and challenges in order for our school to build upon the legacy passed on to us, a legacy that has benefited our faith and civic communities for nearly three centuries. We are proud of our students, our faculty and the entire community that is St. Agnes School. We are determined to provide the means necessary to keep our school a vital and effective educational resource, serving families of all faiths for generations to come. We hope you will join us in this effort.

TUITION AFFORDABILITY It is our vision to provide every family that desires their child to attend this academically challenging, faith-filled school, a reality. Our goal is to make quality Catholic education affordable for all families. With your gift to this fund, you will help prepare the next generation of leaders and help sustain St. Agnes School, where the future of tomorrow lies in our classrooms today.


Capital Needs

Our School is a landmark in the heart of Avon. Thousands of local children have spent their formative years in the halls of this three-story institution. While the main school building was erected in 1908, the auxiliary building in the 1960’s, both require continual care. This care includes project upgrades such as mechanical and major infrastructure improvements. The campaign seeks to provide for maintenance, acquisition of equipment, and refurbishing of the entire facility, both inside and out. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment to provide our children with the optimum learning experience.

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It’s about the teachers. The small class sizes. It’s about giving children the time to be children. Preserving their innocence. Preserving play, but when they are ready, encouraging them to be their academic and moral best.  - Jessica Patel, Parent